Supporting & Improving the Efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion Facilities throughout the UK

Maintaining Output

During the month of January 2018, Evolution Biogas supported through contract over 30 separate anaerobic digestion facilities and maintained a total output of 24MWe.

Evolution Biogas also supports many other facilities without formal support contracts. The average percentage output efficiency across all contracted, including non Marches Biogas built facilities was 95.4%.


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Evolution Biogas provides biological, electrical and mechanical support to over 30 anaerobic digestion facilities throughout the UK. These facilities typically operate at 90-99% of maximum output.

Exceeding Design Expectations

All of the facilities built by Marches Biogas Ltd and supported by Evolution Biogas are exceeding their original design output with the installation of additional biogas consumers including CHP and boilers. On this basis the average output efficiency for the month of May on those 25 plants was 30% above the design output.



At Evolution Biogas we tailor our support contract or one off service to your requirements, so please contact us directly to discuss your project.


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Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Support

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Safety Checks

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Regulatory & Permitting Support

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About Us

Evolution Biogas is the support division of Marches Biogas Ltd and consists of a team of expert engineers, electricians and biologists who have worked at the forefront of commercial anaerobic digestion in the UK for many years dating back to the late 1980’s.


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If you are a Anaerobic Digestion Facility Manager, Water Authority, Regulatory Authority or Regulator that has particular design or process issue you would like to discuss, or you are looking for a new plant or the extension of an existing site, then please contact Principle Biogas, the engineering consultancy division of Marches Biogas Ltd.

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