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Russell Mulliner
Managing Director

Russell established Marches Biogas in 2009 and has since led the company to build over 30 anaerobic digestion plants, most of which remain supported by Principle Biogas or Evolution Biogas along with a number of non-Marches Biogas facilities.  Previously Russell was a director of Greenfinch Ltd where he was fundamental in a number of research projects in collaboration with the University of Southampton which led the UK’s first ABP compliant anaerobic digester.  Russell was key to the design and operation of the plant and has since designed and built a number of plants dedicated to animal by products.  Russell has also worked with Water Authorities since 1996, helping them to maintain and increase the outputs from their anaerobic digestion assets.


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Mark Pugh
Divisional Director

Mark Pugh is the Divisional Director of Evolution Biogas Ltd and joined the company in January 2019. Mark manages the Support Division of Marches Biogas and has recently renewed the contract options for our clients. He has previously been working at Doosan Enpure Ltd as their Engineering Manager for over 6 years. Mark is committed to ensuring that Evolution Biogas keeps on offering top level support for AD plants, by working closely with Principle Biogas to deliver their support services.